SBCC English Teacher showing students writing techniques.

English Skills

About English Skills Classes

English Skills provides the following three courses that focus on critical reading and composition practice. English 88 is intended as an option for students prior to taking English 110. English 103 can be taken with or prior to English 110.  English 101RS is a support course in reading that can be taken at any time to adopt and practice effective reading strategies with any assigned college level reading. Our courses can help you prepare for success in college, in your chosen vocation, and in daily life. 

Student Learning Outcomes

English 88: Reading and Composition Intensive 
1. Demonstrate comprehension of assigned texts by identifying the main ideas and supporting details.Develop organized paragraphs supported with evidence from class texts and personal experience or observation. 
2. Create a thesis to focus on purpose and respond to a rhetorical situation.
3. Respond to the needs of an academic audience by choosing appropriate syntax, diction, grammar and mechanics. 
4. Apply instructional feedback to the stages of the writing process.
English 103: Critical Thinking and Reading
1.Present verbal and written interpretations of assigned readings using textual evidence. 
2. Apply active reading and study strategies using assigned readings independently. 
3. Analyze, summarize and evaluate assigned readings, including readings in which authors represent multiple perspectives 
English Skills, collaboration with the Vocational Nursing Department, offers the following reading course for potential candidates for the Vocational Nursing Program.