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Satisfactory Academic Progress


Financial Aid Appeal Process 

Step # 1 Meet with an Academic Counselor for a current (within the current semester) Student Educational Plan (SEP)

Step # 2 Identify your Academic Progress Status 

  1. Log into your pipeline account (
  2. Click on Student
  3. Click on "Financial Aid" link
  4. Click on "Special Messages"
  5. Select the "Aid Year" andclick "Submit"
  6. Click on the "Special Messages" tab

Step #3 Complete the appropriate Financial Aid Academic Progress Appeal form 

2017 - 2018 Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

Please use Internet Explorer to open the appeal form. Unfortunately, the form will not open with any other browser. If you do not have Internet Explorer, download the form to your desktop and open it with Adobe Reader. 

        Academic Plan Worksheet Instructions

Step # 4 Attach to the Financial Aid Appeal your Appeal Statement and Current SEP and Appeal statement if applicable

Step # 5 Submit packet to the Financial Aid office Room SS210 (2nd floor Student Services Building) by Financial Aid Deadline



Satisfactory Academic Progress Reference: 34 Code of Federal Regulations Section 668.34



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