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iPATH-Transfer Academy Four-Year Campus Visits

The SBCC Transfer Academy’s alliance with iPATH has enriched the SBCC student's external experiences through participation in university campus visits. The exposure to varied campuses is multi-faceted, but to that end, it   will certainly assist you in making an informed decision regarding your transfer institution.  The PATH-TA team will offer two overnight and four same-day campus trips during the spring 2017 semester.   It is anticipated that each campus trip will increase the familiarity of ~50 SBCC students with public and private university campuses.  The campus visit will include a tour that explores the highlights of the university and an admissions presentation that will develop your understanding of the admission requirements.  Where possible, a financial aid presentation and residential services tour will be incorporated. By providing such a diverse experience, we expect that you will be better prepared to make informed decisions about your targeted transfer institution(s).  

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