Emergency Procedures

All criminal activity, suspicious behavior, injuries and other emergencies should be reported immediately to Campus Security by calling extension 2400 from a campus phone or from a cell phone call (805) 730-4200 or dial 911 (direct police/fire emergency line). Medical emergencies are the most common emergency, followed by alarming or disruptive behavior.  Dangerous behavior requiring law enforcement response is rare but they do occur.  For major emergencies, call 911 first and then campus security 805.730.4200 (or ext 2400). 



There are two types of emergency phones.  A yellow box and a tall black pole with a blue light on top.  One has the option of contacting security emergency or 911.  Below is a list of the emergency phone locations. 

Emergency Phone Locations

ID Location Location Description
Main Campus   
PP Pershing Park Next to parking lot bathrooms
MS Montecito St Bottom of stairway at dirt path
SO East Campus Next to Security Office (North/East of Campus
1-A East Campus Lot 1-A (Near Student Services Building)
EE East Campus Passenger drop-off (East Entrance)
CC East Campus Campus Center lobby doors (Outside 2nd floor)
H East Campus Near ECOC 3-4 and H (Smoking area)
1-B East Campus Top of stadium gates (Lot 1-B)
LPS East Campus La Playa Stadium (Lower bathrooms eastside)
SP East Campus Sports Pavilion 1st floor (Inside)
WB West Campus West end of Bridge
L3 West Campus Lot 3
DM West Campus Drama Music Building (Next to ticket office)
5-1 West Campus Lot 5-1 (South end)
5-2 West Campus Lot 5-2 (Pathway parallel to parking structure)


Continuing Education  
S1              Schott Center   310 W. Padre St.                                           
S2 Schott Center 310 W. Padre St.
W1 Wake Center 300 N. Turnpike Rd
W2 Wake Center 300 N. Turnpike Rd
W3 Wake Center 300 N. Turnpike Rd
W4 Wake Center 300 N. Turnpike Rd

Click Here for the Campus Evacuation Plan and Map. Identify your building and the evacuation zone nearest you. The map shows emergency phones, evacuation zones and AED machine locations.